21 YouTube Songs Called "Trump Train," Ranked

Steven Jones

GIF Image: YouTube

Donald Trump s army of supporters are lots of things: violent, racist, musical.

I ll tell you.

Here is every original composition supercuts don t count called Trump Train I could find on YouTube, ranked.

Best line:

Debt keeps growing bigger, no one seems to care

Holes in the border, danger everywhere

Best line:

So if you re Cruz-in for a bruisin

And you don t like Rubio

Just come on board the Trump train

That s the only way to go

Best line:

USA is in our creed

Trump for America is what we need

Best line:

Election year in USA the Game of Thrones begun

The donkey fights the elephant both going for the crown

Best line:

The libs will be a little tight

It s okay, they ll survive

Our country will discover many jobs again

Our borders will not let the illegals in

When Donald Trump takes the reigns of America in 2017

Best line:

Now Donald s going to bring jobs back from China

Have Mexico pay for the wall

Will hang a big ol sign says Keep out all you terrorists

We ll let em know Ms. Liberty s still standing tall

Best line:

They call him an angry American millions want to hire

We can t wait to see they re face when he gets to say You re fired

Best line:

Let s make America great again

Trump train


Get on board

Trump train


Best line:

The criminals must not have their way

So stand and fight the Donald way

Family values and true liberty

That s all he wants for you and me

Artist: theronniebuss

Best line:

Let s all vote for this man to run this nation

Cause if it s liberals, I feel sorry—sorry for you

Best line:

Our country needs a leader

And Trump will unify

He s gonna close that border

And build that wall so high

Best line:

The locomotive s moving down the track

Come on let s take America back


Trump Trump Trump

Trump Trump Trump

Trump Trump Trump

Trump Trump Trump

Best line:

Some people say he s cocky

But that s alright with me

Was not a politician as you can plainly see

He won t put up with bullcrap, and talkin all PC

Like Hillary and Bernie

He s got them on the run

Best line:

Come and join us feel the power

It s a movement renovation

Best line:

Mitt Romney s a joke

Lil Marco chokes

Ted Cruz?

Don t get me started

And Democrats?

Best line:

That Rubio s a joke

Cruz is a liar

That Mexico wall just got ten feet higher

Let me hear you say Trump, Trump, Trump train

He ain t no chump, chump, chump change

She can hide Benghazi

But she can t hide her mail

When Trump becomes president

He ll throw her in jail

Best line:

We re going forward

With the American dream

We have a fighter yes!

Steven Jones
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