SEO Campaign Case Study: From 126 to 121,883 Unique Visitors in Under 6 Months

Jeffrey Zambrana

So why do companies spend so much time on creating content that doesn t give them any results at all?

About us

Northmill is a Fintech company founded in Stockholm 2006 with a vision to simplify everyday financial services.

The strategy is a multi brand concept which currently operates under the following brands: Credway, Easycredit and Credigo.

In this case study we ll walk you through our recent SEO campaign and show you how we managed to create a single piece of content that:

1. drives a ton of traffic

2. builds our brand

3. converts into new customers

Step 1: Know where your competitors get their traffic from

We had previously written two articles that contained information about tax refund in Sweden.


Don t consider you article finished just because it s published

Keep a close eye on it and try to understand Google s verdict

Step 4: Monitor and Optimize

In our case, we published the article on November 2nd and waited for Google to act.

The exits sank from 93.32% to 91.48%.

Jeffrey Zambrana
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