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How to Use Full Service Digital Marketing for Sales Growth

How to Use Full Service Digital Marketing for Sales Growth

If you are in the healthcare field, you don’t need digital marketing, right? WRONG! Every single health-related business can benefit from digital marketing – dentists, chiropractors, holistic practitioners, home healthcare companies, and healthcare equipment distributors – every single one should be using digital and internet marketing.

Unfortunately, many businesses in the healthcare field fail to see the potential in creating and executing an integrated digital strategy. They continue on their current path which usually includes throwing up a reactive social media post once a week, posting a blog every few months and maybe creating a LinkedIn account that never quite gets used. Sound familiar?

It is time to wake up and smell the opportunity! Take a minute to think about how much the online world affects your business.

  • People want to be able to schedule appointments online
  • Clients want email reminders
  • People want to search for practitioners ahead of time to see what other people are saying
  • Clients want more information and they want it to be easy to find and readily available

If someone searched for your business online, what would they find? Does your online footprint support your goals of booking more appointments and finding more clients?

An integrated digital marketing strategy is a very effective way to make the online world work for you. What does integrated digital marketing strategy mean? It means making all the elements of digital marketing work together to boost your business and ultimately, your bottom line.

The list below includes some of the elements that should be integrated to achieve a bigger and smarter impact.

But how do you align all those elements for more leads and sales conversions? Keep reading!

  1. Do your research: If you have been making any online marketing efforts, take the time to evaluate what was working, if anything. Also, take the time to analyze your website analytics using Google Analytics. The insight you can gain will really help you start to plan out a strategy that will be effective for your business.
  2. Set your goals: Digital marketing plans often fail because no one really knew what the end result was supposed to be. What do you want to get out of digital marketing?
  3. Build an integrated digital marketing plan: Take into account the creation, repurposing, amplification and syndication of content that will work across the digital channels you have selected to use. Successful cross-channel digital marketing campaigns deliver content and messages through a variety of channels and media.
  4. Measure and optimize: Once you have a strategy underway, you need to consistently evaluate it and then act on the results. Digital marketing is one of the most measurable types of advertising there is! Be sure to follow up on what you have executed and then either optimize it or make changes as needed.

So what’s the digital marketing bottom line? If you’re not devoting enough resources to digital marketing or you’re using a reactive approach with no strategy, you are inviting your competitors and your customers to a party you aren’t even attending! We know that many people find the digital marketing scene to be overwhelming. Not only is it a relatively new addition to the marketing world, but it is also constantly changing!

In order to succeed in the internet marketing world and to successfully integrate digital channel efforts, you need to understand what channels and what type of content will perform well for your business. Clikx4Health is an internet marketing company focused on the healthcare industry. We can help you understand what type of integrated digital marketing strategy will drive more sales to your business and help you become a trustworthy healthcare practitioner in your local community.

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