High scores for the Swedish gambling company

Blaine Pilgrim

Success Games like Candy Crush Saga, Minecraft, and Star Wars Battlefront sold in millions of copies.

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King, somköptes of American Activision Blizzard autumn 2015, leading the league with a sales turnover of 17 billion last year.

Carl Armfelt, fund manager of Swedbank Robur's fund for new technologies, however, that Starbreeze has a different business model that runs counter to the short cycles Johanna Nylander talking about.

Starbreeze has proven for all other game developers in the world that can drive a brand that game Payday four years and for a long time to have a pretty good profitability.

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Swedbank Robur's fund for new technologies has invested in both Starbreeze, Stillfront and Paradox Interactive, which is listed on First North on Tuesday.

There will always be a team of four people in a basement doing something from scratch, but in the future it will be the largest companies that are good at it.

Blaine Pilgrim
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