Every fourth elderly person disappointed prepaid phone sellers - part of the experience had been forced, in sales

Justin Cornell

The results show that telecom operators have a lot of older customers improve service.

unnecessary purchases

In general, problems arise if the seller to use unfamiliar jargon or sales situation is busy and oppressive.

One typical mistake is that customers buy the seller offered by 4G 3G phone even if it would be better for his residence in its territory.

Valli Association Ikäteknologiakeskuksen Development Manager Sanna Kaijanen, in turn, says that the customer may sell the cable economy entertainment package, although this is not even a cable connection.

René Tigerstedt Photo: Timo Keränen / Yle

Post Office Lawyer Anna Saarela has also come across a case that the 10 Mbps internet connection was changed to 100 megabits per second.

The problems known to operators

Telephone Operators admit to sales and customer service related problems, which all operators will be a lot of feedback.

Justin Cornell
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