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Rules A Beginner Must Know Before Playing On A 12 ft Shuffleboard Table

David warner

Shuffleboard is a game that uses a longboard and disks. It is an incredibly easy game to learn, fun, and intuitive once the rules are understood. Players try to move their discs as far as possible on the board without straying over the edges or the finish line. Although there are some significant changes, the rules are similar.

Every shuffleboard, whether a 12 ft shuffleboard table or some other table, is normally played with two players. The person who reaches 15 points over a series of rounds is the winner of the game. There are many rules and tips that you must know before beginning this game.

In this article, we will discuss some interesting things you must know before you begin to play. 

How to prepare a 12 ft shuffleboard table?

Before you can begin, you need to ensure that the plank is coated in a suitable amount of shuffleboard wax to allow the weights to slide down the plank easily. Make sure neither too little nor too much is present. 

The weights will have difficulty navigating drifts created by an excessive amount of wax. A lack of wax will result in excessive friction, which could cause the weights to stop working too soon.

How to start the game? 

Once your shuffleboard table has been prepared with silicone wax, you can assign a color to each player. After that, play a brief round of rock-paper-scissors to choose who will go first. The winner chooses whether to go first or second (going second normally carries a strategic advantage).

The player going first starts the round by sliding their weight down the plank while standing behind the horseshoe. The objective is to place your weight as close to the plank's end as possible without falling into the gutters or over the edges. 

Additionally, the weight has to cross the table's minimal scoring line. A puck is eliminated and does not count towards scoring if it does not cross this line.

The second player then has a turn, and they, too, must aim to place their weights as close to the finish line as possible. Players can employ various strategies during the round to try and increase their chances of earning a higher score. 

Players may attempt to remove their opponent's weights from the board or purposefully leave "blocker" weights on the board to either safeguard scoring weights or otherwise make their opponent's shots more challenging.

Players take turns sliding weights down the plank until all of their weights have been used, at which point the round's scoring is calculated.

How to score a shuffleboard round?

Once all the weights have been played, it's time to see how the round has been scored. One player can only score in each round, making it almost comparable to scoring a round in curling.

The player with the most weight on the plank receives the most points.

Count the number of points scored by the weight that has traveled the farthest along the plank by looking at the scoring zone it has reached.


Now you know how to begin your first shuffleboard game with the help of the tips discussed above. Get your 12 ft shuffleboard table by Venture Games and experience a new level of fun with your loved ones. Visit our official website to learn more about the table and buy one.

David warner
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