Report: Social Media Examiner 2016 State of Social Media Marketing

Robert Russo

1 – Not All Marketers Implementing Social Media Analyze Success & Measure ROI

Social media marketing still seems to hold a mystery for a lot of marketers.

In order for marketers to be effective with any aspect of their digital marketing approach, a close eye to the data is essential.

According to this survey, 40% of marketers believe that social media has become increasingly difficult in the past 12 months.

Today s customers expect swift responses from the brands they follow and interact with online which would be extremely difficult to master in only 5 hours a week.

The other benefits that made the top of the list include:

Increased Traffic 75%

Developed Loyal Fans 68%

Provided Marketplace Insight 666

Generated Leads 66%

6 – The Super 3 Still Reign Supreme

Even with the increasingly popular use of platforms like Snapchat and vine for brands across the globe, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are still the most commonly used social media platforms by marketers.

7 – The Outlook for Paid Social Media

Many social networks are increasingly making it more difficult for brands to maintain the organic reach that they used to.

Robert Russo
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