The Witcher 3: Blood & Wine review

John Robidoux

Vast, beautiful new land to explore

Full of excellent and varied quests

Writing still some of the best in games

Fantastic fights with new combat abilities

Blood & Wine isn t your standard Witcher adventure.

A battle of words, rather than swords.

I ve always appreciated the different musical motifs that The Witcher 3 uses to depict each location – even the different islands of Skellige had unique themes.

From here, the tale unravels, with vampires playing a major part in what is a surprisingly dark adventure.

At its core, Blood & Wine offers more of what The Witcher 3 does so remarkably well – which is to place you at the centre of increasingly bizarre mini-dramas that come together to form a larger overarching threat.

There s even a bed, so finally Geralt can have a proper rest rather than sitting around in the woods meditating for hours on end.

John Robidoux
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