Google is the EU Remain campaign's secret weapon

Tom Brown

Ad-slinger quietly pushes pro-Brexit views down its results

Google has demoted the site EU Referendum to below the fold in searches for the term EU referendum , where it isn t visible to most web surfers unless they scroll down.

Europhile newspaper the Financial Times ranked EUreferendum.com as the most influential British political blog in 2006, and the site kept its top spot in the search results even after a domain move.

About EU Referendum

North is the co-author of four books on the EU along with Christopher Booker, the journalist and co-founder of Private Eye, in addition to two military histories.

Most recently he developed the three step Flexcit strategy for exiting the EU pdf : The aim would be a community of equals in a European village , rather than a Europe of concentric circles, using the Geneva-based United Nations Economic Community Europe UNECE .

What started out as a good working tool has gone the way of the rest - power corrupts and Google corrupts absolutely."

Google s search algorithm can easily shift the voting preferences of undecided voters by 20 per cent or more – up to 80 per cent in some demographic groups – with virtually no one knowing they are being manipulated, according to peer-reviewed work by psychologist Robert Epstein, that he described to Politico last year.

Tom Brown
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