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Tips to Choose the Right Location for Your Dedicated Server

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Using fast-paced internet and updated servers that aid your business, the aspect of geolocation appears to be insignificant these days. The reason behind the insignificance is that the business owner’s prime consideration is the fastest data transfers and not the location. As compared to dedicated servers, VPS or shared hosting servers may not require a rapid speed or performance, but remaining for a dedicated server, maximum clients look for trustworthiness, speed, and performance.

Instead of having a high-speed server, the consumers face issues accessing data from larger distances. This is because a large number of users are exchanging the data from the same server. In these types of cases, it is recommended to have servers in several locations which are close to the user that in turn results in minimum time to transfer data. But the certainty is that even the quickest connection and adequate equipment cannot overture the best performance unless the perfect location for your dedicated server is selected.

Why is the Geolocation of a Dedicated server so important?

Setting up a business and creating its impact on customers is not an easy job. Users prefer websites that are fast and reliable but it contradicts their decision when the business’s website loads slowly resulting in a negative impact for the business. According to research data, 50% of mobile users withdraw from the site if it takes more than 5 seconds to load. It is said that in today’s time & business race, every second counts and one must opt for the server’s physical location that is near to the audience and the target market. Dedicated server hosting aids to your reliability, performance, and brand image.

How can one Choose the Best Location For their Dedicated Server?

Discover Where Your Users belong to?

  1. You should consider where to locate your audience first.
  2. With it, you must observe the various traffic patterns across the network and determine the highest-demand regions.
  3. Selecting a provider established out of the location can give rise to a conflict to change hosting to a different location within the provider’s network
  4. Routing traffic with a considerable infrastructure will assist to establish an optimistic experience. As distance plays a big role in the performance of your website, selecting a dedicated server that is near the location of your audience will sustain you.

Is Your Data Center Close to the Internet Exchange Point (IXP)?

The nearness of the dedicated server to the user can generate a considerable influence on the performance of your website. But this will retain an extremely slight discrepancy if the distance between the IXP and the data center is excessively huge. The infrastructure through which the internet departs, the IXP serves as an intersection or branding junctions that propose multiple routes through which the data can transit thereby decreasing the bandwidth. Data centers that are placed far from the IXP constantly undergo bigger latency as the data has to traverse a long distance.

Evaluate Your Data Centers Performance:

The suitable location of your server will not require value if it lacks adequate infrastructure for the users. Many hosting service providers deliver outdated hardware with few prerequisites for backups and security. The data center may also undergo insufficient ventilation, fire preservation, power, etc. Moreover, testing the location of your dedicated server, it is also crucial to analyze the infrastructure and if it is worth spending the charges.


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