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How Exposure to the Arts Benefits Children's Growth

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How Exposure to the Arts Benefits Children's Growth

The academic and teaching sectors have agreed that children may reap many advantages from engaging with art, and Children's Art Week is a celebration of this belief.

As well as providing much-needed downtime, art activities provide children with many benefits, including the opportunity to practice and hone their observational skills, increase their sense of self-worth, and develop their creativity and imagination.

The results of my study, which examined art education in two Staffordshire elementary schools, confirmed these advantages. Throughout my teaching career, I saw that art classes were structured differently than others. To foster the development of tiny creative communities, teachers would push tables closer, eliminate seats, and play music to promote unrestricted movement and expression. The students reacted well to these new surroundings because of the unique vibe they provided.

Tendencies that provide difficulties for educators:

I saw the difficulties that educators encountered while teaching art. Several people complained that they were being pushed to prioritize academics over skills and that art classes were being cut. Educators also shared their concerns about feeling unprepared to share their expertise in a subject area and their frustration with the lack of resources available to them.

Developmental patterns imply that children's artistic expression decreases over the primary school years and that many children give up art around the age of 11. These difficulties might explain, in part, why this is the case. This disconnection from art may be crucial at a time when childhood mental health problems are on the increase and happiness and well-being is on the decline. The importance of actively participating in the arts is rising in light of the research showing the advantages of doing so.

As a parent, what should I do?

Have paper, crayons, markers, and other art supplies handy so your kid may sketch whenever inspiration strikes.

Take the opportunity to sit down and do some drawing with your kid. It's okay if you can't draw; sketching with others is a great way to spend quality time together while learning something new.

Discuss your kid's artwork with them:

Kids love to share their thoughts on their artwork, but it's crucial to encourage open and constructive feedback without passing judgment. The question, "This painting is great, can you tell me everything about it?" is an excellent way to start a conversation.

Let kids explore and try new things. My boys and I have a lot of fun creating art together, whether 2D on a massive sheet of paper or 3D using the many cardboard boxes I've saved over the years. Children must have the chance to acquire skills and have free expression, but giving them that chance requires work and a lot of cleanups afterward.  

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