Podcast 510: No more 16GB iPhone?

Gary Johnson

Credit: Adam Patrick Murray

The iPhone doesn t even get announced at WWDC—well, not typically, anyway.

One is that we may finally see the end of the era when iPhone storage started at a paltry 16GB.

Show notes

Apple is said to be extending iPhone refreshes to once every three years by Martyn Williams

iPhone 7 rumors: Say goodbye to 16GB model by Caitlin McGarry and Oscar Raymundo

Questions and answers on the new study linking cellphones and cancer in rats by Andrew Pollack for The New York Times

Senate proposal to require encryption workarounds may be dead by Grant Gross

Patent troll wants Apple to shut down iMessage and FaceTime by Oscar Raymundo

Crowdfunding tech can serve backers poorly, even when the thing gets made by Glenn Fleishman

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Gary Johnson
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