Omnichannel on the line: 4 steps to enhance the customer experience

Ben Gallagher

Consider this challenge through the lens of paid, owned and earned media and where they sit in the traditional marketing funnel.

What s clear is that the lion s share of marketing investment and the biggest areas of omnichannel growth have occurred by using paid channels to increase brand awareness, engagement and ultimately new customer acquisition.

By paid channels, I m referring to the upper end of the marketing funnel, where brands invest in search and display advertising, Google AdWords and the like for improved awareness and engagement.

Here is where the marketing team needs to integrate not just digital data from the obvious online sources, but also customer information from internal systems, like CRM customer relationship management , call centers, loyalty programs and the voice of the customer.

Building an omni-strategy marketing capability

Let s look at four key elements required to enable omnichannel marketing from the perspective of data requirements:

• Integrate paid and owned channels.

Many brands have the benefit of long and rich customer relationships, with the most valuable data housed in customer records owned by the enterprise.

Ben Gallagher
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