Facebook is planning for life after Zuckerberg

Alan Krieg

Facebook Mark Zuckerberg CEO

Facebook s Mark Zuckerberg is one of the most influential people in tech – remember how the crowd went nuts when he stole Samsung s Galaxy S7 show a few months ago?

– but he s not going to be in charge of the most popular social network on Earth.

And when he does step down from day-to-day management operations, he shouldn t be able to dictate the future of the company.

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According to Reuters, Facebook s board proposed removing Zuckerberg s majority voting control of the company in the event he should retire from managing the business.

The latter give him control over 53.8% of the company, meaning that he can do pretty much what he wants with Facebook regardless of whether he s running it or not.

These new terms thus ensure that we will not remain a founder-controlled company after we cease to be a founder-led company, the board said.

Alan Krieg
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