Working at Facebook Sounds Like Joining a Cult

Jason Kowalski

Vanity Fair got its hands on a kind of insane first-hand account of working at Facebook, adapted from a book by a former employee.

After comparing Mark Zuckerberg to Thomas Jefferson, Napoleon and...uh... L.Ron Hubbard, former Facebook product manager Antonio Garcia Martinez explains the effect Zuck has on his employees:

By imprinting this vision on his disciples, Zuckerberg founded the church of a new religion.

Martinez also hones in on The Social Network s singular obsession with the threat of Google Plus, which

... hit Facebook like a bomb.

As was duly explained to the more recent employees, Lockdown was a state of war that dated to Facebook s earliest days, when no one could leave the building while the company confronted some threat, either competitive or technical.

At 1:45 pm on the day Google Plus launched, he called a meeting around an illuminated neon Lockdown sign and Martinez likens the scene to a general addressing his troops in the field.

Martinez s book, Chaos Monkeys: Obscene Fortune and Random Failure in Silicon Valley, comes out June 28th.

Jason Kowalski
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