Trade, investment, data use and security and influence - the UK digital sector will say No to Techxit

Michael Webster

The IT industry's key concerns for UK tech are better addressed by remaining in the EU

The UK tech sector has come down solidly in favour of remaining in the EU based on retaining influence on the shape of the digital single market, a stronger negotiating position in the digital global economy, a common security environment, ongoing investment and trade.

Negotiations around data sharing propositions such as Safe Harbour and Privacy Shield with the US and future negotiations with the rest of the world around data sovereignty, sharing and data privacy are better served as part of the EU.

The digital tech sector across Europe as represented by its trade associations want the UK to remain, said Mr David with the other national trade associations in France, Germany and elsewhere saying they want the UK tech sector within the single market.

Clearly the UK is a big enough market for global and international tech companies to be interested in but there is very clear connection between the UK as a focal point for entry into a 500 million person market being a better investment proposition than the UK as a 60 million person market.

However based on its membership survey Mr David says it has a mandate to publish those findings and express the opinions of its members.

Around 800 TechUK members surveyed produced the following findings:

Those that support a vote to remain 70% said the main three reasons were that EU membership makes the UK more attractive to international investment, makes the UK more globally competitive and gives the UK a better deal in its trading relationships with the EU.

Michael Webster
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