Spodding to Attract bollyflix movie Carp Into Your Swim


If you are fishing bollyflix movie beyond the range of a catapult and Bait Boats are banned then a Spod is a very versatile and invaluable tool for delivering a large quantity of bait in a tight area.Tackle for spoddingThe two most important pieces of kit for spodding are the rod and reel. The rod and reel you chose will depend on the type of spodding you intend to do.

The smaller spod can be cast using a normal carp rod and reel set up but if you are going to use the bigger spod's then you are going to need a rod of at least 4-5lb test curve. Nearly every rod manufactures now have dedicated spod rods in their own range. The spod rod will take a lot of abuse during a season with the constant cast and retrieve of a loaded spod, so make sure you get the highest quality you can afford.

The best reels for spodding are the big pit reels, like the Daiwa Emblen or the Shimano Biomaster, which allow you to retrieve the spod a lot faster than the standard carp reels. I Prefer to use braided line for my spodding as the low diameter and no stretch allows for more accurate casting. My reel is loaded with 20lb braid which has a diameter of 0.25mm. If you are going to use braid it is essential that you use a finger stol or a golf glove to avoid line cuts.

As for the spod itself, there is a whole range on the market, from the small pocket rocket for adding small amounts of particles into the swim to the large Korda free Spirit designed for putting large amounts of bait out at distance. there are also bollie spod's designed specifically for delivering bollies. I tend to carry a variety with me so I can adapt the spod to accommodate the swim and conditions I'm. fishing in. Remember you can use any bait you like in the spod I like to use a mixture of particles and pellets and adding a tin of tuna works wonders on my lake. So Experiment!

Accurate Spodding

Every one has their own way of spodding so I am going to describe the way that works best for me.

Once I have found the area I want to put out my first bait using my marker float, I'll cast out an empty spod past my marker float and wind in until the spod is were I want it, Then I will clip up the line in the reel clip and wind in. Then I'll place a bank stick in the ground as a starting point. This will be the starting point for all my rods. hooking the spod over the bank stick I will walk along the bank letting out line until I reach the line clip, were I will place a branch or stick in the ground at the rod tip, this will give me a distance marker for that bait. That way every time I want to spod to that bait all I have to do is hook the spod over the bank stick walk back to that baits marker whilst laying out line until the rod tip lines up with the marker, clip the line up and I know I'm going to be in the same spot every time. I then carry out the same procedure for all the rods I am using.

So that I know which mark is for which rod I rap a piece of different color tape around the sticks with a matching piece of tape around the front buzzer bar. Because I have worked out the depth of water each bait is fishing in with the marker float I can also use these marks for my baited rods, all I have to do is add on half the depth of water to allow the bait to sink in a pendulum motion so I know my bait is always in the same place and always over the spodded area.

A Few tips to bear in mind when spodding. Keep the braid wet at all times to avoid wind knots. Also to aid in accuracy you need to spod in a rhythm so it helps if you raise your bucket of spod mix up as far as you can so you don't have to keep leaning over. and most important Don't overfill the spod or you will leave a trail of bait on the cast 3/4 full is plenty and make sure you allow enough time for the spod to empty.

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