Some Popular 90s Board Games That Bring Back Your Childhood

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If someone asked you how you spent your childhood, you would probably tell them you played all day. The time after school was the best when you could get together with your siblings, cousins, friends, etc., and play whatever you liked. So, which game did you play the most? Maybe hide and seek, catch the ball, and so on. But did you ever spent time playing board games? Did you have antique chess sets with unique chess pieces? Board games were undoubtedly a great part of the kids during the 90s and 2000s. Here are some board games that made these kids' childhood complete.


Didn't you brag about a chess victory over your sibling the whole day in your childhood? If yes, you did it right. Every kid in the 90s and 2000s wanted to show smart chess skills and defeat the opponent anyhow. Chess was among those board games that made everyone too happy. Kids could even ask their elders to play this game. And probably no one ever denied playing this game.

Snakes & Ladders:

One of the best 90s board games, snakes and ladders, has several unforgettable memories. This game was everyone's favorite as it was easier than chess, and everything depended on your luck. Snakes and ladders was a fun game that kids played until they won. And whenever the biggest snake bites anyone's pawn, the others feel highly satisfied. Waiting for chances, throwing the dice, and climbing the ladders bring back memories of a happy and fun childhood.


Another highly satisfying board game for kids in the 90s and 2000s was ludo. Every 90s and 2000s, kids tried hard to win this game. Additionally, it was fun beating up another player's pawns back to the starting point. Ludo was inspired by an Indian game, 'Chausar.' However, whichever version you played, you had equal fun with other players. And irritating other players who lost to you in the game was even more exciting. Ludo was a part of daily life for the kids two-three decades back.

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