4 strategies for stretching your summer marketing spend

Howard Marcinkowski

Without further ado, below are four strategies for stretching your marketing spend this summer.

Yes, you ll want to look at the numbers to determine what worked and what didn t, but consider this an opportunity to think about how you can improve similar campaigns the next time around.

While this type of audit may take a bit of time to put together, it will do wonders to help inform your future marketing decisions.

Retain, retain, retain

One of the less-commonly known facts among marketers is the shockingly high cost of acquiring a new customer compared with retaining an existing one.

Reach for the low-hanging fruit

Now that we ve established that encouraging your existing customers to make additional purchases is a surefire way to extend your marketing budget, it s time to move on to strategies that require a more proactive approach.

In addition to bringing in incremental revenue, this setup frees you up to focus on other pressing or fun matters.

Howard Marcinkowski
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