Hiring Supplemental Staffing involves seven steps

Human Resource Dimensions

The hiring process for supplemental staffing can vary depending on the agency and the role being filled, but generally follows a similar structure:

Request for staffing: The company or organization in need of supplemental staff contacts the staffing agency and provides information about the position, including job description, qualifications, start date, and expected duration.

Candidate search: The staffing agency searches its pool of candidates to find individuals who meet the qualifications and requirements of the job.

Screening and selection: The staffing agency conducts a screening process, which may include a review of resumes and applications, skills assessments, interviews, background checks, and drug tests. Based on this process, the agency selects the most qualified candidates.

Onboarding: The staffing agency provides orientation and training to the selected candidates, ensuring they are prepared to perform their job duties and meet the needs of the company.

Placement: Once the screening and onboarding process is complete, the staffing agency places the supplemental staff in the designated position at the company.

Management: The staffing agency continues to manage the supplemental staff, handling payroll, scheduling, and any necessary HR issues. The company supervises the work of the supplemental staff on a day-to-day basis.

Evaluation and feedback: The staffing agency and the company maintain regular communication to ensure the supplemental staff meetings expectations and to address any issues or concerns that may arise. At the end of the assignment, the staffing agency may request feedback from the company and the supplemental staff to evaluate the success of the placement.

Human Resource Dimensions
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