Top Fertilisers for Healthy Plants in NZ

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Whether you are a gardener or a farmer, when it comes to the safe cultivation of fruit and vegetables, you need to carefully select the best range of fertilisers for maximum effectiveness. There are many products available in the market with added synthetics. Hence, you should carefully select fertilisers in NZ for the healthy growth of plants. These fertilizers are made up of essential nutrients, and some ingredients are formulated to target specific aspects of plant growth. Here are some top fertilizers in New Zealand that can help with promoting healthy plant growth.

  • SmartGro Tree & Shrub Fertilizer Tablets

SmartGro is a reliable fertilizer brand for plant nourishment and strength. Its Tree & Shrub fertiliser tablets are a blend of essential nutrients like nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, Magnesium, and other trace elements that promote root development and overall plant health. There is no risk of phytotoxic damage even when you use it in excess. These tablets are slow-release, providing a steady supply of nutrients to the plants over an extended period.

The direction of use:

Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations to determine the number of fertilizer tablets in your plants according to their size. Place the tablets at 150 to 300mm deep under the tree root zone. Then cover with soil and water plants, and the nutrients will gradually release.

  • SpraySmart Phos400 Nutrient Formulation

SpraySmart Phos400 Nutrient Formulation is an effective liquid fertilizer with a high phosphorus concentration. You can just apply a small amount of solution that can go a long way. These fertilisers for healthy plants are easy to apply as you just have to spray them directly onto the plant roots or leaves. This nutrient formula is suitable for many plants, including fruits, flowers, and vegetable farming.

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