Four Frozen Protein Smoothies That Make Perfect Post-Workout Popsicles

Edmond Garcia
Jun 07, 2016 10:00

It s time to upgrade your after-exercise snack from a boring protein bar and a swig of lukewarm water to one of these refreshing protein popsicles.

1 large banana

2 cups frozen mango chunks

2 heaping scoops of unflavored whey powder

1 tsp honey

1 cup milk

2 cups water

Cinnamon and ground cardamom to taste

Divide into four servings and freeze.

Most smoothies will benefit from a little bit of sweetener, so taste a spoonful and see what you think.

To find the nutrition content of your creation, use a recipe analyzer like the one at CalorieCount.com.

While your home freezer is obviously the best place to store popsicles, a well-packed cooler may be able to keep frozen treats cold in your car while you run or hike or work out far from home.

Blender photo by Daniel Lee.

Edmond Garcia
Jun 07, 2016 10:00
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