The easy fix that could end Twitter's celebrity account-hacking problem

Thomas Park

However, the number of hacked high-profile Twitter accounts is reaching epidemic proportions, with mischief-makers hijacking the streams of Katy Perry, Mark Zuckerberg and even the NFL in recent weeks.

Not only do you need your password, but you also have to enter a one-time code into a second pop-up screen.

That code will typically come from your phone via a text message.

It s a great way to block would-be hackers who may have gotten your user name and password, but probably don t have your smartphone in their hands.

I d imagine many would consider it an annoyance, even if it does stop hackers from ruining your social media life

Celebrities are different, though.

Hacked Twitter accounts hurt Twitter s reputation as much as it does the celebrity s.

Twitter has said very little publicly about the growing number of hacks beyond reminding people to implement better password security and announcing that it s comparing the various password leaks with its own data to, I guess, try and get ahead of the problem and warn people.

Thomas Park
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