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Do insurance companies pay to fix a cracked foundation?

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Do insurance companies pay to fix a cracked foundation?

Home insurance sometimes covers repairs to the home's foundation.

Determining what's causing your foundation issues is the first step in deciding whether or not your homeowner's insurance will pay for repairs. Tornado and earthquake damage are two situations in which this will be readily apparent.

However, the underlying issue with your foundation may be obscure. If you see any of these signs, hiring a foundation expert to inspect your home is best. They will shed light on the issue's root and estimate the damage that must be fixed. In addition, the findings of their analysis may be used as supporting documentation in a house insurance claim on your behalf.

Common reasons for foundation problems include:

  • Waterlogging or drought might be a problem in your garden.
  • Water accumulating
  • Earthquakes, mudslides, and tornadoes are only a few examples of natural calamities.
  • Poor craftsmanship (for example, improperly compacted soil underneath your foundation)
  • Expanding Root Systems
  • Damaged plumbing
  • Shifts on Earth

When a policy will pay for damaged foundations

Dwelling coverage is part of your policy that protects the structure of your house, as well as any outbuildings and the foundation. Dwelling coverage under HO-3 and HO-5 plans (the most prevalent coverage) is provided on an open perils basis, meaning that any damage not specifically excluded by your policy is covered.

Homeowner's insurance often covers home foundation repairs caused by certain recognized dangers.

  • Fire
  • A plane or car crashing through your roof
  • Vandalism
  • Accidental drops
  • Overflowing air conditioning, heating, or plumbing systems Tornadoes, hurricanes, or explosions that cause water damage

You should review your policy to see what risks your coverage includes. If any of these were to cause your home's foundation damage, you would likely be compensated by your homeowner's insurance.

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