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Enhance Your Cooking Experience with Modern Kitchen Sinks

Johnson Bathroom
Enhance Your Cooking Experience with Modern Kitchen Sinks

The kitchen sink and the kitchen stove are two pillars of any kitchen. So, if you are building your kitchen pay special attention to the kitchen sink. Whether you want to add a luxury kitchen sink or simply the best brand of kitchen sink within your budget, you should know what’s important for a functional sink.

While the functional aspects are important, aesthetics, material and style are also important if you want to enjoy your stay in the kitchen. Designer kitchen sinks can relieve you from this stress to some extent. But more than that, you need your kitchen sink to offer you specific benefits such as:

  • Convenience of usage
  • Ease of hygiene maintenance
  • Life of the sink (sturdiness)
  • Quality and functions of waste coupling

You need to consider several factors to receive these benefits from your designer kitchen sink. The most important of these factors or features are given below:

Stage of the Kitchen

You can have more options and choices for selecting a perfect wash basin if you are constructing a new kitchen. However, replacing your old sink with something new may restrict your choices.

Even while renovating you can consider a designer kitchen sink with great features and appearance. Although do mind the total space available in your kitchen. Installing too large a sink may eliminate the space to place important equipment on the counter.

Choose The Shape Wisely

The shape of a kitchen sink is probably the least considered factor when choosing a sink, but it is important to pay attention towards this. Kitchen sinks can be of different shapes, such as round-shaped edges and defined edges. The sinks with round-shaped edges are preferred as these are easier to clean, whereas the sinks with defined edges can be problematic as things get stuck in these edges at times.

These days, various brands are even coming with designer kitchen sinks that have round edges at the bottom but defined edges at the top. So, you have several options to choose from in terms of shape and size as well. Just think wisely about what goes well with your kitchen and make a choice accordingly.

The Type of Kitchen Sink

Although single-basin kitchen sinks are the most widely used, these are not the only available options. Most people prefer single kitchen sinks are these are more spacious and are convenient to wash multiple large utensils at once. Another advantage of these sinks is that single-sink designs suit almost every type of kitchen interior. 

However, there are other types of options as well, including the double basin sinks, which are the second most popular ones. These sinks allow you to prepare for cooking along with washing the dishes as you have two separate sinks at the same time. You should choose a type that seems to be comfortable for you and complements your kitchen interior.

Sink Material

The material of the kitchen sink defines a big part of the quality. While you can install a designer kitchen sink made of marble, ceramic, granite, etc., it’s the steel which ultimately wins the day. Here’s why steel kitchen sinks are perhaps the best choice for any kitchen:

  • Stainless steel is resistant to rust
  • Resistance to chemical erosion
  • Easy to clean, stain-free
  • Does not chip or crack
  • Safer for any type of utensil (steel surface offers more flexibility than stone or ceramic, reducing the chances of glass utensils breaking upon impact)

Stainless steel is great at avoiding substances sticking to it and offers better hygiene than natural stone or ceramic sinks. The only drawback with stainless steel is the lack of colors and design choices.

Install in The Right Place

The right placement of the sink is also very essential to make it convenient for the user. You must ensure that there is enough space for a person to stand comfortably in front of the sink and wash the dishes. It should not be very close to a wall such that your elbow keeps touching the wall while washing dishes.

Having enough space to move and perform every task is a fundamental requirement to be fulfilled if you want luxury kitchen sinks to be installed in your kitchen.

Maintain the Standard Height

The height of a kitchen sink is generally the same as the kitchen counter, which is obvious to understand. Talking about the ideal height, it should be such that there is a 15cm gap between the sink countertop and your elbow.

Moreover, 56 cm is considered the standard height of designer kitchen sinks. You can keep these parameters in mind while installing your kitchen sink. Also, make sure to consider the height of the person who is going to use this kitchen the most.

Enhancing Your Cooking Experience

A stylish and functional kitchen sink enhances your kitchen experience. However, you also need other accessories and fittings to aid the sink choice. These will include the kitchen faucets, drain boards, and dish rack. Brands like Johnson Bathrooms will offer you a kitchen sink with a drain board. Pay attention to the size of the sink before selecting it.

Johnson is rather well known for their heavy-duty and stylish kitchen faucets. So, that is another thing to pick up from the brand.

The best brand of kitchen sinks would offer better thickness for the steel. This is an important factor in defining the life of the sink. After purchasing the sink, make sure that you choose the right place for its instalment and maintain the ideal height to enhance your cooking experiences.

Johnson Bathroom
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