Your Next Car Might Be Designed In McLaren's Formula 1 Development Simulator

Dion Esparza

McLaren Applied Technologies

McLaren has been designing its Formula 1 racing efforts and sports cars using a virtual reality simulator, and now it d like to think it could market this to the rest of the automotive industry.

It eventually realized it could streamline development of its road cars as well, cutting out years of the real-world trial-and-error physical test cars have to sort through with software, components and different testing conditions.

From The New York Times:

Over time, the virtual testing has grown increasingly accurate.

McLaren has partnered with MTS, a company which already specializes in car testing equipment, to help market the simulator.

Critics point out that adopting such a drastically different development strategy would require major shifts for larger automakers with suppliers and other resources which could come at quite a cost.

McLaren is confident that, despite the amount of adjustment an automaker would be forced to make, they can expect a profit within the first year of use, with expanding profits as the companies learn to utilize the system and vehicle development becomes more efficient.

Dion Esparza
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