Real hoverboard company Arx Pax will now sell you a hover engine

George Patterson

Image Source: Arx Pax

Arx Pax, the firm behind the Hendo Hoverboard, is selling its hover engines to companies interested in harnessing the technology in industries such as manufacturing and transportation.

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Arx Pax s Hendo Hover subsidiary hit the headlines in 2014 with the launch of its initial proof of concept hoverboard, which used the firm s Magnetic Field Architecture MFA technology to provide magnetic levitation.

A Magnetic Field Architecture MFA Bundle of four scaled-down hover engines is priced at $1,589.

We re super excited about a lot of different industries and how the technology can be applied, said Henderson.

The company will soon be announcing news about the heavy lift capabilities of its hover engines, he added.

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George Patterson
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