Copyswede got right: Iphone covered by the private copying levy

Manuel Scarborough

How much more expensive iPhone can be

Exactly how and when this charge will be added to the consumer is not decided yet.

According Copyswede is the replacement for phones with storage currently 3.50 per gigabyte of storage.

Here are some quick calculation example max price premium:

IPhone with 16 GB of storage: 56 SEK

IPhone with 32 GB of storage: 112 SEK

IPhone with 64 GB of storage: 224 SEK

IPhone with 128 GB of storage: 448 SEK

The so-called private copying compensation arose among the bands of time, when we copied music from CDs and played in the Walkmans.

The compensation is in the form of tax on storage media such as tapes, floppy disks, recordable CD, DVD, from October 2012, even on hard drives and USB sticks.

The tax rate is highly regulated by law, but set out in detail in the negotiations between the trade associations of importers of storage media and Copyswede, the organization representing the right holders.

Private copying previously called for levies on blank media or cartridge tax.

Manuel Scarborough
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