This week in patents: Charge your phone with your hand, Amazon patents conversations, and more

Matt Ouellette

This week, the US patent office issued 6,883 patents.

The latest patented bike includes folding pedals and handlebar mounts, a folding chain stay component, two or more pivots of the frame coupled together at a single locking lever, and the wheel couplings and wheel axles.

Moreover, when folded the motor can be activated to assist in the towing of the folded bicycle.

Charge your phone with your hand

A Korean research institute has patented a technology that allows mobile devices to be charged through human skin.

Forget solar power: Boeing wants to produce electricity from airport noise

Airports generate a great deal of noise during aircraft take-offs and landings.

For example, if a user makes a call each weekday when within a given distance of a geographical location, such as within a mile from a workplace, the device can prompt the user whether the device should initiate that call or text the next time the computing device is in that location.

Matt Ouellette
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