A Blind Astronomer, What to Do With Your Life, and Ridiculous Exercise Trends

Michael Vaughn

They also discuss some of the reasons you might want one, and the legality of folding or EDC knives in your area.

It s absolutely massive, and it s tough to pin down a specific tip or trick from it—but they do make a few all-around great suggestions for anyone looking to buy one, if you want to skip the details which you shouldn t. via Knife Planet

Ridiculous Exercise Trends, and Where They Came From

Crazy exercise trends are nothing new: A treadmill that s actually a bike that s powered by a treadmill that s on top of it instead of like, you know, being an actual bike, or the whole idea of prancercising, are good examples—but in this Mental Floss video, John Green runs down 22 ridiculous exercise trends that have emerged over the years, whether they re old history or current weirdness, that you absolutely shouldn t bother trying or partaking in yourself.

It s an amazing listen, and you get to hear from someone who usually doesn t have the option to tell all about what goes on up at the front of the plane.

Passion is dedication and focus driven by an emotion.

Yet he can see stars in the night sky better than most people can.

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Michael Vaughn
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