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Chrome wheel repair- Everything you wanted to know

Arnab Mukherjee
Chrome wheel repair- Everything you wanted to know

Car enthusiasts often have a special corner for chrome wheels. These wheels are unique and offer a distinct look to their vehicles. Many individuals prefer to make their car stay ahead of the crowd, and chrome wheels surely make it happen. For the unversed, chrome plating is the name given to the procedure of applying a thin layer of chromium onto a metal surface that created a smooth and shiny finish to the wheels. It is something that many car enthusiasts would like to get in their cars as mentioned before. Furthermore, chrome wheels have some other advantages too. We will discuss it in detail here.

No wonder, these wheels are one of the most in demand. However, things can get a bit disturbing when these wheels require repairs. As you can understand, over the years, the wheels will depreciate over the years, and repairing them becomes mandatory. So, we will look at how you can manage to perform a chrome wheel repair without having to spend a fortune on changing them.

Advantages of chrome wheels

Chrome wheels, apart from making the car look good are known to resist corrosion and rust. The essential ingredient, chromium is considered very durable and can successfully evade rust and corrosion. So, if your present location is known for harsh weather conditions, it makes the wheels vulnerable to rust. Likewise, if the surrounding area has roads that are not in the best shape, chrome wheels are the best solution. Moreover, chrome wheels do not require frequent maintenance in comparison to the other variants, namely steel or aluminum.

Chrome wheels have a reputation for withstanding high temperatures. Several places on the planet experience hot and humid temperatures, and chrome wheels are the best option. Since chrome plating undergoes severe heating, it can drive away heat effectively. Even if you are not a resident of high-temperature zones, it is still beneficial for vehicles that generate sufficient heat from their exhaust system and brakes.

The best part is, no other wheel variant can be customized like chrome. Thus, if you want, you can go for a high-gloss satin finish, or any other variant. With the unlimited possibilities of customization, the chrome wheels let your vehicle add personal touches. Ultimately, owners can showcase their tastes and preferences on their vehicles to good effect.

Maintenance of chrome wheels

Previously, we mentioned chrome wheels require less maintenance. But, that does not mean you will turn a blind eye when the need arises to take care of it. As you can see, these wheels are true reflections of your personality; you must play your part by cleaning them at regular intervals. Accumulation of dirt and dust would make them look dull affecting the overall look of the vehicle. Maintenance of chrome wheels is not expensive. Unless you face a condition when repairing them becomes indispensable, you can arrange the cleaning process at home itself.

Repairing chrome wheels (Minor damage)

As you drive along, the wheels will bear the brunt of the road conditions. After some time, they can develop issues that require repairing them at the earliest. Usually, minor scuffs or scratches do not require involving a professional, as you can clean them with the help of polishes and a soft cloth. If you however figure out the wheel has sustained severe damages like deep scratches or dents, you should consult a specialized chrome repair shop. In such circumstances, putting filler for making the wheel surface smooth becomes mandatory.

Repairing chrome wheels (extensive damage)

Not everyone is fortunate to deal with minor problems. So, some of you might have experienced situations when the chrome plating seems to peel. A specialist car mechanic would be the best option for rectifying the issue. Generally, they will remove the damaged chrome plating, look for any further damages and repair it accordingly, and lastly, they would re-plate the wheel by applying a fresh layer of chrome. The procedure mentioned can take a while. Furthermore, it also requires involving specialized tools, while the person in charge of the operation has to possess adequate skills.

Selecting the right professional is crucial

Instead of assigning the repair job of chrome wheels to anyone, you should take some time out and research for the best in the business. For best results, you should look for someone who makes use of the state-of-the-art tools. Additionally, the provider should also have a proven track record in dealing with such repair jobs. If you fail to find such professionals around, do not hesitate to check reviews or read the experiences of other car owners. Ultimately, you should find the best professional and can expect fruitful results after they repair the chrome wheels.

Consider the cost of repairs

Even if you locate a service provider with excellent reviews, consider comparing the cost of repairs. It does not involve rocket science understanding that minor repairs or touch-ups would be less expensive than full restoration works. So, the best thing would be to make a list of the best providers and ask for an estimate from them before finalizing. Prioritize the local repair shops, as they are most likely to offer the best results at the most competitive prices.

DIY tools can also be an option

If you have some knowledge of handling wheels, you can also consider the abundant DIY kits. This kit can be very useful when the repair work does not involve addressing extensive damage. Chrome wheel repair kits are readily available in automobile stores. The kit comprises various items that can help you to repair the chrome wheel. Remember to follow the instructions mentioned in the kit accurately, and you can fix the errors without breaking a sweat.

Summing it up

Now, you know the steps to maintain chrome wheels, your worries can take a backseat. It can be handy to keep a chrome wheel kit. Only if the problems are beyond your ability, call a professional for the necessary repairs. You might also be lucky to get mobile services from these professionals. So, get the chrome wheels repaired while you are at home.

Arnab Mukherjee
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