OnePlus 3 launch: How and where to watch the event live online in virtual reality

Jason Hill

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Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus is expected to reveal its latest flagship, the OnePlus 3, at a VR launch tonight 14 June .

A formal press conference is to be held on 15 June in China.

It has already sold 30,000 OnePlus VR headgears earlier this month.

Users with non-OnePlus VR sets like the Google cardboard-based van also watch the device in VR.

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The OnePlus 2 was also launched in VR but this time, instead of the OnePlus office, the company is going to release the new device at its Loop Virtual Space Station.

The global timings for watching the event online live:


London, UK – 17:30 BST, June 14 Tuesday

Paris/ Berlin / Barcelona / Amsterdam, EU – 18:30 CEST, June 14 Tuesday

Moscow, Russia – 19:30 MSK, June 14 Tuesday

North America

Latin America

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – 13:30 BRT, June 14 Tuesday

Mexico City - 11:30 CDT, June 14 Tuesday


Beijing / Taipei / Hong Kong / Singapore – 00:30 CST/ HKT, June 15 Wednesday

Seoul / Tokyo – 1:30 KST/ JST, June 15 Wednesday

Jakarta, Indonesia – 23:30 WIB, June 14 Tuesday

New Delhi, India – 22:00 IST, June 14 Tuesday

Middle East

Abu Dhabi, UAE – 20:30 GST, June 14 Tuesday


Canberra, Australia – 2:30 AEDT, June 15 Wednesday

Wellington, NZ – 4:30 NZST, June 15 Wednesday

Jason Hill
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