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Five Amazing Ingredients for Clear Toned Skin

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Five Amazing Ingredients for Clear Toned Skin

Literally thousands and millions of photographs are clicked every day for posting on Instagram, Facebook, and every other kind of social media in anxious anticipation of likes, comments and emoticons. This task is accompanied with a lot of hard work. Scores of filters, a variety of effects are used to enhance and fine tune it to perfection. And lo behold, its picture perfect – pun unintended! Perfect skin, amazing hair and a sultry pout……sure to garner a thousand likes!

Of course many of them advocate a healthy lifestyle accompanied with exercise and eating sensibly. No dispute about that. But a good skin care regimen is quintessential too. While selecting skin care products for yourself it is also very important to read the label and understand the type of ingredients used, their function plus their benefits. There are some really unique ingredients with amazing benefits which the customer needs to know about


This is probably the most unique kind of Vitamin C ( often referred to as the Gold Standard of Vitamin C ) which can be used in a Vitamin C cream or Vitamin C serum. It is a highly stable form of Vitamin C and penetrates into the deepest layer of the skin. It is known for clearing out pigmentation, evening out the skin tone and for fading out dark spots. Prism which is a Vitamin C face cream is capable of removing dark patches on the face. In a matter of 8 to 10 days the face begins to look clear and radiant. Blaze serum which is a Vitamin C serum for the face is also sometimes referred to as face glow serum.


This remarkable ingredient seals in the moisture keeping the skin hydrated. It is rich in omega 3 and omega 6 which decreases inflammation and prevents extreme skin dryness resulting in healthy glowing skin. Chia which has been used since 3500 BC, is a core ingredient of Blaze which is a face serum for glowing skin.


This renowned ingredient is used for its anti bacterial properties. It rids the skin of anti oxidants. It also reduces the appearance of dark spots thereby naturally brightening the complexion. Chlorophyll is one of the ingredients in Beam a hydrating face mask. Beam is also famously referred to as an instant glow face pack.


This wondrous ingredient is a blue green algae sourced from lakes and rivers. It is used to treat damaged skin and pigmentation disorders. Health benefits of using this special ingredient are enormous. Drench which is the best hydrating face mask for dry skin has spirulina.


Pure marigold powder is an expensive ingredient although found commonly in market places. 100 % pure marigold powder while being exclusive is one of the base ingredients of Flash which is a facial powder wash. Flash can also be used as an exfoliating scrub for both the face and body. It bestows a golden bridal glow after just a few washes.

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