SpaceX winning streak meets explosive end

Loyd Davis

Musk reports Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly

SpaceX's winning streak came to an explosive end with one of its rockets blowing up during its attempted landing.

Despite it being fourth time unlucky, the main mission was successful however: SpaceX successfully delivered two satellites into geostationary orbit.

Ascent phase & satellites look good, but booster rocket had a RUD on droneship

— Elon Musk @elonmusk June 15, 2016

A RUD, Rapid Unscheduled Delivery, is a geeky way of saying it is currently in pieces in the North Atlantic.

Musk explained one of them had developed low thrust during the landing, causing the rocket to crunch down hard on the drone ship, fall over, and undergo RUD.

Landing video will be posted when we gain access to cameras on the droneship later today.

Deliveries to low-Earth orbit – like space station missions – are easier because less fuel is needed and, in many cases, the rocket can carry enough fuel to make it back to land and SpaceX's facilities.

Loyd Davis
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