This solution to shady Craigslist meetups is brilliantly simple

John Henderson

In cities looking to end Craigslist deals gone wrong, that's

exactly what safe trade zones are for.

A big part of people's lingering uneasiness toward the site is

tied to these kinds of worst-case scenarios: off-the-books deals

happening on private property, with few to no security measures

in place.

Buyers will feel more comfortable, the thinking goes, if they

know help is just several yards away.

"I'll gladly give up two of my parking spaces to create an

atmosphere that we're at a location that's safe," Carl Pardiny,

chief of Fairfax County Police in Fairfax, Virginia, told the Washington Post.

For towns without safe trade zones in place, best practice

dictates that buyers meet up near law enforcement anyway.

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John Henderson
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