E3 2016 just deemed VR the future of gaming – whether you like it or not

Calvin Muchow

I'm just looking at the surprisingly long catalog of key, iconic entertainment franchises that have revealed their deep dives into VR gaming this week.

VR games truly are this stupid grinningly fun

That's rather compelling, if you ask me, and I haven't even dug into the seminal games and film franchises that already have VR experiences, like Alien: Isolation, Minecraft and Temple Run.

Say it with me one more time: 'content is king'

Somehow, various game development studios have convinced their publishers or vise versa to go whole hog on expensive VR technology, throwing their biggest properties into the mix.

VR hardware manufacturers and big-time game developers alike have gotten into the ears of the publishers or the other way around probably in some cases with the idea that VR is the next technological leap that gaming customers will expect.

Déjà vu with double vision

Those old enough can remember a time when almost every video game was flat – literally two-dimensional, but nevertheless fun.

This then-new technology – and the gamers wowed by it – increasingly demanded new and more powerful and more expensive hardware, demand for which has been met in earnest by Nintendo, Sega and Sony among other PC component firms ever since.

Calvin Muchow
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