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Surrogacy Mother Cost in Delhi: How Much Should You Expect to Pay?

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Surrogacy Mother Cost in Delhi: How Much Should You Expect to Pay?

The surrogacy cost in Delhi is a reasonable and affordable price for the couple to have their baby. Surrogacy Cost in Delhi may seem high but it is not.

To begin with, surrogacy is one of the new treatments for couples who are childless to have children. In this technique, another woman carries and delivers the baby for the couple. That woman is known as the surrogate mother. Even though the surrogate mother is the one delivering the baby, the parental rights are still the couple. It is the couple who has genetic relation to the baby. Surrogacy Cost in Delhi.

To know more about surrogacy Costs in Delhi, let us read below:

Is surrogate mother illegal in Delhi?

A surrogate mother is not illegal in Delhi. India has legal surrogacy and some laws that state which way surrogacy will work here.

Commercial surrogacy has a ban here. Anyone who is found to be taking or giving compensation to the surrogate will receive punishment.

A surrogate mother is not illegal however, only the surrogate who is genetically related to the couple can become the surrogate. Because in India only altruistic surrogacy is in use, not commercial surrogacy.

In an altruistic surrogacy, only the family member of the couple can become the surrogate mother in Delhi. This way the couple will be able to save the surrogate mother cost in Delhi.

How can I find a surrogate mother in Delhi?

To find a surrogate mother in Delhi couple first of all should look inside their family. Only a family member of the couple can be their surrogate mother.

However, the couple must make sure that the surrogate mother is aged 25 to 35. She has children of her own. And if her husband is alive then she needs her husband’s consent.

Her mental and physical health should be on top. If the surrogate is not healthy then she cannot be a part of the surrogacy.

At last, the most important thing is that the surrogate must have a kind heart. That means she should be doing this for the good deed’s sake. Not for gaining any money through compensation.

Who can have surrogacy in Delhi?

Not everyone can have surrogacy in Delhi. There are laws, that the people have to follow only then they can have their surrogacy in a legal way.

First of all the couples who want to have surrogacy must have a medical reason for it. For example, they should have their medical certificate to prove their infertility.

The couple must be married for at least five years, as only married couples can have surrogacy in India.

Next, the couple’s age has a restriction too; the female age should be around 23 to 50. The male should be 26 to 55.

If the couple has any child through any method then they cannot have surrogacy in Delhi. Lastly, only Indian citizens can have surrogacy in India.

How much does surrogacy cost in Delhi?

The surrogacy price in Delhi depends on all stages of its procedure. Still, the average surrogacy cost in Delhi NCR is INR 15, 00,000 to INR 25, 00,000.

This cost can fall and rise depending on the affecting factors. If the couple does not have fertile gametes then they will have to use the donor eggs and sperm. Donor eggs cost in India is INR 1,50,000 to INR 2,00,000.

The donor sperm cost in India is 50,000 to 70,000.

If the couple needs advanced treatments such as PGD, ICSI, IVF and SSR then they will have to pay the cost according to those treatments. This will raise the Surrogacy Cost in Delhi Quora.

How much surrogate mother cost in Delhi?

The surrogate mother cost in Delhi is none as India does not follow commercial surrogacy.

Commercial surrogacy is a form of surrogacy where the surrogate mother has no relation with the couple. And in it, she gets paid for her service.

However, India follows altruistic surrogacy in which the surrogate is genetically related to the couple. And in this surrogate ask for no payment.

Still, sometimes people take the surrogate necessity payment as the surrogate mother cost Delhi. A surrogate has many needs during the surrogacy such as her healthy meals. The couple has to fulfil her needs.

What affects the surrogacy cost in Delhi?

Surrogacy cost has many factors that usually increase it. Control those factors is important, for this, we should learn about the factors.

The first factor is the medical screening of the surrogate mother. Every hospital has different charges for these tests and ultrasounds which can affect the surrogacy cost in Delhi.

The same goes for advanced treatments and medicine prices. Since every hospital has a different cost, people can never know when the cost has increased.

Other than this there is the donor eggs and sperm cost. Then the lawyer fees, which solely depend on the experience level of the lawyer.

Caesarean delivery can raise the surrogacy charges in Delhi.

surrogacy mother cost Delhi

Which centre gives the best surrogacy cost in Delhi?

Everyone knows this fact that a hospital can greatly affect the surrogacy cost in Delhi. If the couple chooses a hospital with a high price then their total cost of surrogacy will also be high.

That is why everyone should always choose the best fertility centre in Delhi which is “World Fertility Services.”

This centre has the highest success rate of surrogacy which means the couple will not face any failure from their side. This leads the couple to not pay any multiple attempts to cost.

Additionally, here the doctors show patience with everyone. With this they first try to understand the couple’s problem, only then suggest the treatment. Couples will not have to waste resources on treatments not useful for them.

How to lower the surrogacy cost in Delhi?

To receive a low-cost surrogacy in Delhi couples must choose the best hospital. Only at the best hospital, they will receive a reasonable cost and safe treatment.

Other than this, couples must take care of their health and the surrogate’s health. Only when their health will be good their gametes will be good too.

And when the surrogate is healthy and stress-free she can provide safe 9 months of pregnancy to the baby in her uterus.

If the surrogate meets some complicacies then it can lead to caesarean delivery.

World Fertility Services
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