Inside Masdar, the UAE’s Zero-Carbon City That Will Never Be

Carl Fox

Etienne Malapert

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Ten years ago, the UAE embarked on a $22 billion mission to build a zero-carbon city powered by the sun, cooled by the wind, and entirely dependent upon mass transit.

Renowned British architecture firm Foster Partners developed the Masdar City plan in 2007, combining historic Arabic architectural cues with sustainable technology.

Their revised master plan pushed the completion date from 2015 to 2030 and said that low-carbon is good enough.

Everyone shops at the organic grocery, relaxes at the coffee shop.

He marveled at the sights, chatted with construction workers, visited the Masdar Institute, and took a ride in one of those weird pods.

Nothing about Malapert s eerie photos suggests Masdar City will ever be a model of sustainability.

Carl Fox
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