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Homemade celery and apple smoothie to reduce measures

Homemade celery and apple smoothie to reduce measures

We can consume this milkshake during breakfast or when we have a fit of hunger, in order to be satiated and avoid consuming other more caloric foods. Although these are not miraculous products to lose weight, regular intake can promote metabolic function and digestive processes. Take advantage of the benefits of a rich celery and apple smoothie.

What are the benefits of this celery and apple smoothie?

Both celery and apple are well-known foods throughout the world for their different culinary and medicinal uses. The combination of both allows us to obtain a drink low in calories and rich in properties to lose centimeters and improve the figure. Neuropure is a natural supplement. Neuropure helps to reduce belly fat.

Its high fiber content improves digestion and stimulates the absorption of nutrients to avoid further deficiencies. It also supposes a high contribution of potassium. Adequate levels regulate sodium to control fluid retention and inflammation.

Properties of celery

Celery is a vegetable with a minimum caloric intake and a high content of antioxidants that benefit the body. It stands out for its digestive and anti-inflammatory properties, which combat problems such as constipation and gas. It can regulate bodily fluids by increasing the production of urine and facilitating the expulsion of waste substances. It contains polyacetylene. This element not only helps reduce size, but also calms the inflammation of ailments such as arthritis or gout.

Thanks to its high potassium content, it relaxes the muscles around the arteries and improves blood flow to control hypertension. Equally, it can calm cravings for candy and fast food, which make you gain more weight.

Properties of the apple

It is estimated that each piece of apple contributes about 40-45 calories in exchange for a high intake of fiber, antioxidants and essential minerals. Therefore, it is among the most effective foods to lose weight. Its diuretic and detoxifying action regulates liquids and the presence of toxins in the body. Thanks to its contribution of pectin, a type of dietary fiber, decreases cholesterol levels and prolongs the feeling of fullness.

It contains B vitamins, in addition to magnesium, potassium and phytonutrients that can protect against oxidative damage.

How to prepare this celery and apple smoothie to reduce measures?

Containing only 88 calories, this apple and celery shake is a good food supplement for those trying to lose weight. Also, we recommend adding a piece of pineapple to give it a better flavor and benefit from its digestive enzymes.


1 green apple

3 stalks of fresh celery.

1 slice of pineapple

250 ml of water (one cup).

7.5 Or 1 teaspoon of organic honey (optional).


First, cut the green apple into seVeral pieces, remove the seeds and put it in the blender.

Next, add the washed celery, the pineapple slice and the water cup.

Process everything for a few moments and, if you wish, add a teaspoon of honey to sweeten.

Finally, serve it freshly made and take it during breakfast or before a hunger attack.

This celery and apple smoothie brings an extra of nutrients to the body without spending calories. However, the important thing is to combine it with good nutrition and exercises; nothing will be useful if they continue to practice bad habits.


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