Don’t fall prey to this clever piracy extortion scam

Richard Lee

Image Source: www.rt.com

For as detestable as they are, scammers are undeniably clever and resourceful.

In the most recent example which highlights the lengths to which scammers will go to swindle people out of the hard-earned money, Torrent Freak directs us to a new phishing scheme where ISPs are the primary target.

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According to the report, an individual or group of individuals are masquerading as representatives from IP Echelon, the IP tracking arm of Lionsgate.

Under threat of a lawsuit, the subscriber was asked to pay a $150 settlement fee.

For a phishing scam the fake DMCA notice does its job well.

In the meantime, you should independently reach out to the legitimate rightsholder if you receive such a notice, rather than just paying up directly.

Richard Lee
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