Lenovo Pocket Projector Review — a 110″ display in your bag

Cornelius Jones



The Lenovo Pocket Project is small at 4.72" x 4.33" x 1.16", and features a slightly tapered body split more or less in half -- the side with the lens, focus ring, speaker, and microSD card slot is hinged, and can be lifted to whatever degree you'd like up to completely vertical.

It lacks the "stickiness" of many rubber-ish materials, though it does still pick up lint and dust somewhat generously, as you can see in the lens photo below.

The other half has a cross-shaped control button on the top with a selection button in the middle and a back button to the side.

The projector's various ports, minus the microSD slot, is located on the rear of this half -- the micro USB port for powering the projector, the power button itself, and a 3.5mm audio jack.

Then, finally, disconnect the laptop from the projector s WiFi and reconnect it to the home WiFi.

As long as you're not expecting a projector suitable for daytime use, and you understand this is a pocket projector and therefore some sacrifices are made in areas like mounting options, you'll find this model great for what it is, particularly in comparison to other pico/pocket projectors on the market.

Cornelius Jones
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