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Things You Need to Know Before, After and During Spray Tan

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If you think sitting in the sun and without applying sunscreen to your skin; is the best technique to obtain a great sun-kissed tan, then it’s definitely NOT.

But what you can actually do to get a supernatural bronzed glow is to go for a spray tan.

It's effective, safe, and won't expose you to harmful UV rays when done rightly. The only issue is that a lot of self-tanners may leave you with spotty skin, or a tangerine color.

So, whenever you book an appointment, make sure you ask some common questions that would really help you gain insights about natural looking spray tan.

What should I need to do before tan?

“Schedule all other spa treatments before your spray tan.”

Yes, you heard that right. The spa treatments may include waxing, facials, mani/pedis, etc. If you need to shave, do that beforehand.

According to experts, shave during the day and rinse with ice-cold water. This way your pores will close while ensuring that the tan doesn’t get into them and seem like small brown dots.

To shave, you can also use new razor blades to avoid the tan fade unevenly.

When it comes to exfoliation, doing that before your tan is one of the crucial ways to enable your spray tan to last and give the best look.

Last but not least, avoid wearing anything on your skin such as lotions, perfume, creams, deodorants, etc. before your tanning appointment.  

What should I expect during tanning treatment?

“You should think of stripping down most of the time. “

You can wear commando and get no tan lines A professional spray tan tech will provide you with disposable underwear if you want to get assured that your precious smalls remain perfect.

The most crucial thing is that you feel comfy in what you are about to wear. Whether that’s some underwear, a bikini, or going entirely commando, your tanning expert should understand your choice.

Don’t forget to explain important tidbits to your spray tan expert. Make sure you share your prior experience with self-tanning or if you have any sort of skin conditions, such as dry patches, rash, eczema, sensitive skin, etc.

It is also essential to inform your artist if you’re pregnant. In case, the artist gives the go-ahead, make sure they do a patch test on your skin. Also, if you’re breastfeeding do tell them about this so that they avoid the nipples.

What special do I need to do after my tan?

“Avoid getting wet while your tan is developing.”

You have to be a little careful after your spray tan. Don’t go showering, swimming immediately, or getting wet in the rain. Traditional spray tan takes around 12 hours to develop properly. Whereas, express solutions will enable you to take a shower after 1-3 hours.

Avoid wearing tight clothes such as jeans, tight cuffed pants/sweatpants, etc. Don’t rush to the salon for waxing and other body treatments, such as massages or facials because that can affect the outcome of your tan.

In case, you are sleeping in your tan, your tan will become darker than its usual shade. It's advisable to wear long, dark-colored clothing. This way, when you sweat the tan will go onto your pajamas and don’t harm your white sheets.  

In Conclusion

We hope that now you’ve understood what should be done before, during, and after a spray tan in NYC. Here’s a pro tip that keeps exfoliating your body more often and moisturizing daily to make sure your tan appears flawless. That way, the tan color can fully set in prior to your special day.

Gotham Glow
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