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Shams Power: Commercial Solar Power Systems For Factories

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Shams Power: Commercial Solar Power Systems For Factories

Commercial solar energy systems for factories use photovoltaic panels that convert sunlight into electricity. The more efficient the panel, the faster the business will be able to make back its investment.

Installing a commercial solar power system for a factory offers several benefits including consistent electricity generation, uninterrupted work operations, tax cuts, selling surplus energy, and the satisfaction of making the environment greener.

Reduced Electricity Costs

Business owners can save on electricity costs by reducing their dependence on the grid. They can use their solar panels to produce enough energy for their needs while selling the excess. This way, they can reduce their operating expenses and improve their bottom line.

Moreover, they can benefit from tax benefits. For instance, the Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) offers a large tax deduction for businesses that invest in commercial solar power systems. This can help them recover their installation costs more quickly and lower their overall operating expenses.

In addition, a commercial solar power system can help them achieve their environmental goals by promoting clean energy solutions. This will show their customers that they are committed to sustainability. This can also improve their reputation as a responsible business, which can lead to more sales. Lastly, a solar energy system can help them cut their electricity costs and increase profits. The reduced costs can make their business more competitive in the industry.

Increased Profits

Companies are often able to make their initial investment in solar energy back within three to five years, with all savings after that being pure profit. Combined with the predictability of solar electricity pricing for 20-30 years and tax incentives, this makes commercial solar energy an attractive option for businesses focused on managing long-term costs. Walmart, IKEA, Costco, Apple, FedEx, and many other major corporations are embracing commercial solar energy solutions to save money, reduce their carbon footprint and improve their public image as environmentally responsible and progressive businesses.

Large factories use a lot of power for lighting, temperature control, and production equipment. This high energy consumption is a big contributor to their overhead costs. By switching to solar energy, they can eliminate these costly electricity bills and become their own energy producers. Solar power also produces clean energy that doesn’t rely on fossil fuels to create and thus reduces air pollution. In addition, the property value of a building that has a solar system is typically higher than those without one.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Commercial solar systems help factories reduce their carbon footprint by generating their own electricity and eliminating their dependence on the grid. They also produce zero carbon emissions during operation. This is a major benefit for businesses seeking to reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to the fight against global warming.

In addition, many local solar providers offer subsidized loans that allow business owners to pay for their system in installments with a long-term agreement. This helps make commercial photovoltaic power systems more affordable and accessible to business establishments throughout the Intermountain West.

When a commercial solar system is installed at a factory, the facility becomes energy-independent and may even be able to supply the power company with surplus energy through net metering facilitation. This greatly increases a company’s resilience to electricity outages caused by natural disasters and other events that can bring an entire industrial operation to a halt. This one-time investment can save a large business establishment thousands of dollars per year and is a great way to increase profits while reducing carbon emissions.

Tax Benefits

There are many tax benefits to using a commercial solar power system at your industrial facility. These include solar renewable energy credits (SRECs), accelerated depreciation, and the Federal Investment Tax Credit. These benefits can significantly lower the initial cost of a PV system.

With the help of Shams power solar energy has become a profitable investment for commercial and industrial sectors in Pakistan. Several corporate sector giants including METRO Cash and Carry, Packages Mall, Maxim Agri Pvt Ltd, Nishat Hyundai, and Emporium Mall have already invested in distributed solar power on a PPA basis.

Shams Power LTD
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