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5 Revolutionary Tech Tools Helping Facility Operations and Maintenance Management

Allen Bauman
5 Revolutionary Tech Tools Helping Facility Operations and Maintenance Management

The continuous evolution in the field of technology has massively influenced the way businesses function, aiming to make business operations more efficient and cost-effective. One industry benefiting immensely from the technological revolution is the facility operations and maintenance management sector. This article aims to present five revolutionary tech tools that are transforming this industry for the better.

1. Computerized Maintenance Management Systems

A critical player in the maintenance and operations sector, the Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) play a significant role in organizing, strategizing, and tracking maintenance activities. In essence, this tool provides an efficient way to schedule maintenance tasks, track equipment or facility histories, manage work orders, and administer maintenance costs.

The CMMS offers a solution to several problems faced by the facility operations and maintenance industry. For instance, it eliminates paper maintenance logs and checklists that can be misplaced or not accurately maintained. A CMMS creates a digital record, which is efficient, easy-to-manage, and less prone to errors, thus enhancing overall productivity.

2. Building Information Modelling (BIM)

BIM is an intelligent 3D model-based process that gives architecture, engineering, and construction professionals the tools to efficiently plan, design, construct, and manage buildings and infrastructure.

The use of BIM technology brings about openness and collaboration, enabling a unified approach to facility operations and maintenance management. By creating and manipulating various physical and functional characteristics of places, it provides a digital representation of the physical and functional characteristics of a facility. This gives the maintenance staff clear insight about potential structural or functional issues and helps in efficient planning for future upgrades.

3. Energy Management Systems

Energy management systems are yet another invaluable tool that helps in improving the efficiency of facility operations and maintenance management. These systems aid in monitoring, controlling, and conserving energy in a building or facility.

They work by collecting energy data and using it for three main functions: Reporting, Monitoring & Targeting, and Identifying. These systems help in identifying consumption patterns, recognizing anomalies, and predicting future energy usage.

4. Predictive Analytics Tools

Predictive analytics tools use available data and statistics to predict future events. In the context of facility management, these tools can analyze patterns in data to predict future failure points.

For instance, by analyzing the past performance and operational data, these tools can predict the expected lifespan of different equipment, identify potential breakdown points, and schedule preventative maintenance accordingly. In this way, predictive analytics tools aid in reducing sudden failures and unplanned downtime.

5. Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)

Enterprise Asset Management is a system that enables companies to manage their physical assets and infrastructure throughout each asset's lifecycle. In the context of facility operations and maintenance, it allows facility managers to organize and track assets, providing an overview of asset performance, usage patterns, and maintenance needs.

Moreover, EAM tools often include features that aid in managing work orders, tracking inventory,  scheduling preventative maintenance and forecasting asset lifecycle. As a result, they help in improving the overall productivity and efficiency of the facility management process.


Combining the efficiencies of all these advanced tools, the facility operations and maintenance management sector can effectively streamline processes, improve service quality, minimize costs, and maximize asset productivity and lifespan. As technology continues to advance, we expect to see even more innovations that will revolutionize this industry in the future. The key to taking full advantage of these technologies is understanding the unique needs and functions of your facility and applying the appropriate tools where they can have the most potent impact.

Allen Bauman
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