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Preparing for A Visual Field Eye Exam in Miami? Keep These 7 Things In Mind!

Eyes On Brickell

If you are having trouble seeing out of the corners of your eyes, it may be best to have a visual field eye exam in Miami. The test can help you spot any potential blind spots in your vision as well as potential eye problems. In essence, this type of eye test measures your peripheral vision and is often a part of your comprehensive eye exam.

But if you are about to undergo visual field test soon, make sure you do things to prepare better or be prepared for it. Not sure what those things are? Here we go…

  1. Bring Prescription Glasses or Contacts.
  2. Remove Contact Lenses, If Applicable.
  3. Be Well-Rested and Alert.
  4. Inform About Medications and Conditions.
  5. Avoid Caffeine or Alcohol Before.
  6. Relax and Stay Still During the Test.
  7. Follow Technician's Instructions Carefully.

What Are the Advantages of Visual Field Screening?

  1. Early Detection of Eye Conditions: Visual field screening can identify underlying eye issues such as neurological conditions, retinal disorders, optic nerve damage, or glaucoma, often before noticeable symptoms manifest.
  2. Disease Progression Monitoring: This screening allows eye specialists to track changes in your visual field over time. It also aids in determining whether your condition is progressing or stabilizing.
  3. Assessment of Neurological Disorders: Visual field testing helps evaluate complex neurological disorders like multiple sclerosis, brain tumors, and stroke, which are challenging to detect through other diagnostic methods.
  4. Tailored Treatment Plans: Data collected from the test is invaluable for eye experts in crafting personalized treatment plans. It enables them to determine the most appropriate steps forward, whether that entails surgery or medical intervention.
  5. Driver’s License Renewal: In many regions, visual field testing is a mandatory requirement for renewing a driver’s license. This ensures that your peripheral vision meets the safety standards necessary for responsible road use.

Take step towards a better, enhanced vision – head to Eyes on Brickell today! Don’t forget to consult Dr. Antoine Copty there for an in-depth knowledge about your eye health or further vision care concerns.

Eyes On Brickell
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