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Air Canada Seat Selection Fees: What to Expect and How to Save

Daniel Walker
Air Canada Seat Selection Fees: What to Expect and How to Save

What to Expect When it Comes to Air Canada Seat Selection Fees

When booking a flight with Air Canada, one aspect that often catches travelers by surprise is the additional fees for seat selection. While the airline does offer the option to choose your seat in advance, it comes at an extra cost. In this article, we will explore what to expect when it comes to Air Canada seat selection fees and provide some tips on how to save money while still securing your preferred seat.

Air Canada Fees: Understanding the Basics

Before delving into the specifics of seat selection fees, it is important to have a general understanding of Air Canada’s fee structure. Like many other airlines, Air Canada has adopted a “basic economy” fare class for some of its flights. This fare class often comes with more restrictions and fewer amenities compared to other classes.

One of the key features of basic economy fares is that seat selection is not included. This means that if you purchase a basic economy ticket, you will need to pay extra to select your seat in advance. The exact fee will depend on several factors, including the route, travel class, and time of booking.

Extra Charges for Seat Selection

Now let’s dive into the specific seat selection fees charged by Air Canada. The fees can vary based on several factors:

  • Route: The fees can differ depending on the route you are flying. Popular routes often have higher fees compared to less-traveled ones.

  • Travel Class: The fees for seat selection can also vary depending on the class you are traveling in. Business class seats generally have higher fees compared to economy class seats.

  • Time of Booking: Air Canada has a tiered fee structure, meaning that the earlier you book your seat, the lower the fee will be. Last-minute seat selection can be quite costly.

It is important to note that these fees are not one-time charges. If you have a connecting flight or need to change your seat selection for any reason, additional fees may apply.

Travel Tips to Save on Air Canada Seat Selection Fees

While seat selection fees may seem like an unnecessary cost, there are several ways you can save money and still secure your preferred seat. Consider the following tips:

  • Book in Advance: As mentioned earlier, Air Canada has a tiered fee structure for seat selection. By booking your seat early, you can take advantage of lower fees and secure the seat you want.

  • Check-in Online: Air Canada allows online check-in starting 24 hours before your flight. Take advantage of this feature to see if any preferred seats have become available for selection at no extra charge.

  • Consider Higher Fare Classes: If seat selection is crucial to you, it may be worth considering booking a higher fare class that includes seat selection. While this will come at a higher price, it can be more cost-effective compared to purchasing a basic economy ticket and paying for seat selection separately.

  • Subscribe to Air Canada Emails: Air Canada occasionally sends out promotions and offers to its email subscribers. Keep an eye out for any seat selection deals that can help you save money.

In Conclusion

Seat selection fees are an additional cost to consider when booking a flight with Air Canada. By understanding the basics of these fees and following some travel tips, you can save money while still securing your preferred seat. Remember to book in advance, check in online, consider higher fare classes, and subscribe to Air Canada emails for potential savings. Happy travels!

Daniel Walker
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