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Brother PE 550D embroidery machine common errors and solutions to solve them

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In the world of embroidery digitizing company and machine embroidery, the Brother PE 550D stands out as a popular choice for enthusiasts and professionals alike. This versatile embroidery machine offers a wide range of features to create stunning designs. However, like any piece of technology, it's not immune to occasional hiccups and errors. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the common errors that may arise while using the Brother PE 550D embroidery machine and provide practical solutions to address them.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to Brother PE 550D Embroidery Machine
  2. Error 1: Thread Breakage
  3. Error 2: Bobbin Thread Showing on Top
  4. Error 3: Machine Stops Mid-Embroidery
  5. Error 4: Misaligned Designs
  6. Error 5: Needle Breakage
  7. Error 6: Tension Issues
  8. Error 7: Design Not Displaying Correctly
  9. Error 8: Fabric Puckering
  10. Error 9: Stabilizer Problems
  11. Error 10: Uneven Stitching
  12. Error 11: Machine Running Too Slow
  13. Error 12: Color Changes Not Happening
  14. Error 13: Embroidery Machine Jamming
  15. Error 14: Inconsistent Thread Trimming
  16. Error 15: Unresponsive Touchscreen
  17. Conclusion

Introduction to Brother PE 550D Embroidery Machine

The Brother PE 550D embroidery machine is renowned for its ability to bring intricate designs to life. It allows users to turn their creative ideas into beautiful embroidery with ease. However, even the best machines can encounter issues. Let's delve into some of the most common problems users face and the solutions to resolve them.

Error 1: Thread Breakage

One frustrating issue is thread breakage during embroidery. This can disrupt your project and waste materials. To combat this, ensure that you're using high-quality embroidery thread and that the thread path is clear. Adjust the tension settings as needed, and clean the machine regularly to prevent lint buildup.

Error 2: Bobbin Thread Showing on Top

If you notice the bobbin thread appearing on the top side of your embroidery, it could be due to incorrect bobbin threading. Make sure you've correctly wound the bobbin and inserted it into the machine following the manufacturer's instructions.

Error 3: Machine Stops Mid-Embroidery

A sudden halt during embroidery can be maddening. This might be due to a design issue or a machine malfunction. Check your design file for errors and make sure it's compatible with the Brother PE 550D. If the problem persists, contact customer support.

Error 4: Misaligned Designs

Misalignment can ruin the look of your embroidery. Ensure proper hooping and fabric stabilization. Also, check that your design is centered in the hoop and aligned correctly with your fabric.

Error 5: Needle Breakage

Needle breakage is not uncommon, especially when using the wrong needle size or type for your fabric. Consult your machine's manual for the appropriate needle selection and always have spare needles on hand.

Error 6: Tension Issues

Tension problems can result in messy stitching. Adjust the upper thread tension gradually, and make sure the bobbin tension is correctly set. Test on a scrap fabric until you achieve the desired results.

Error 7: Design Not Displaying Correctly

If the design on your machine's display doesn't match what's being stitched, check your design file's compatibility and transfer method. Ensure the file format is supported by the machine.

Error 8: Fabric Puckering

Fabric puckering occurs when the fabric is not properly stabilized or the tension is too tight. Use appropriate stabilizers and adjust tension settings to avoid this issue.

Error 9: Stabilizer Problems

Using the wrong stabilizer or not hooping it properly can lead to issues. Make sure you select the right stabilizer for your fabric type and follow hooping guidelines.

Error 10: Uneven Stitching

Uneven stitching can be caused by a dull needle or an improperly threaded machine. Change the needle regularly and rethread the machine carefully.

Error 11: Machine Running Too Slow

If your machine is moving sluggishly, it might need cleaning and lubrication. Follow the maintenance instructions in your manual to keep it running smoothly.

Error 12: Color Changes Not Happening

When color changes don't occur as expected, review your design file's color sequence and ensure it's correctly loaded into the machine.

Error 13: Embroidery Machine Jamming

Machine jams can be due to various factors, such as debris in the bobbin area or a damaged needle. Carefully clear any obstructions and replace the needle if necessary.

Error 14: Inconsistent Thread Trimming

Inconsistent thread trimming can be fixed by checking the automatic thread trimming settings and ensuring the thread cutter is not obstructed.

Error 15: Unresponsive Touchscreen

An unresponsive touchscreen can be frustrating. Try cleaning the screen with a soft, lint-free cloth and recalibrating it following the instructions in the manual.


The Brother PE 550D embroidery machine is a fantastic tool for creating stunning designs, but occasional errors can hinder your progress. By following the solutions provided for these common issues, you can enjoy a smoother and more productive embroidery experience.

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