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8 Best Cricut Pens and Markers to Enhance Your DIY Crafts

Giovanni John

Nowadays, DIYers prefer to choose Cricut pens & markers to announce their feelings with their closer ones. Everyone needs to know how to use these accessories and take them to the next level. Most of the cut-die machine markers & pens ensure that the message they’ve written is printed properly. Other than that, they must ensure that the craft plotter supports that crafting product or not.

Other than that, you will come across the type of items that can help the users draw or write new content on different materials. However, all the users must supply the supplies correctly. Are you interested in knowing about all these items? Then read this blog and collect the data explained here.

1.  Pen Set, Metallic (5 ct.)

The user will get beautifully designed results for various occasions in the first place of the Cricut pens and markers. All the supplies available inside this set are acid-free, nontoxic and permanent after it gets dried up. This set comes in different colors, including Gold, Silver, Copper, Metallic Blue & Metallic Violent. Apart from that, they work effortlessly with Explore & Maker machine cutting & writing in one step.

2.  Pen Set, Classics (5 ct.)

If you are a Cricut Access member, you will love it while shopping for this item. You can add colorful yet heart-touching messages or drawings to your project. With five versatile and charming colors, one can create customized invitation cards, banners, adornments and more. The user must attach an Accessory adapter to the cutting machine to draw and write on the material.

3.  Infusible Ink Pens (0.4), Neons (5 ct)

Once you are done after completing the designing process, look at your design transforming into vibrant, permanent and pro-quality transfer on any suitable Infusible Ink blanks. The total number of pens inside the set is available in different colors and two line weights. Other than that, the final result is bright, beautiful, and seamlessly smooth transfers. Through those transfers, the design never gets flakes, peels or cracks during its lifetime.

4.  Glitter Gel Pen Set, Fiesta (5 ct)

Give your eyes a much-awaited treat with some vibrant colors. One can include extra-special touches on custom projects with complementary hues through those colors. Through those pens, the DIYer can write any message or draw personal designs per their wish. These pens are available in five colors: Scarlet Red, Dark Brown, Orange, Kelly Green & Tawny.

5.  Cricut Markers 1.0 mm, Precious Metals (3 ct.)

With these Cricut pens and markers items, you can attach eye-catching bold, smooth strokes to the projects. Through these pens, you can give birth to flawless designs while creating birthday, holiday, or paper cards. This pack includes 3 medium point (1.0 mm) markers, including Black, Silver & Gold. Lastly, these pens easily get connected with the Cricut Explore & Maker machine.

6.  Watercolor Marker & Brush Set (9ct)

Through this pack, one can blend, swirl and create a watercolor showpiece displaying their artistic style. However, the crafter needs to add some water to make the watercolor work on the design and add special effects. You can also use Watercolor Cards to get the best results. The supplies available inside the set are compatible with Explore series & Maker series.

7.  Infusible Ink Markers 1.0, Ultimate (30 ct)

Furthermore, experience your designs blooming up into vibrant, permanent, pro-quality transfers to any Infusible Ink blanks. You can freehand draw the designs or prefer a cutting machine to draw or write on plain laser copy paper. The set comes with various colors and two different line weights, giving bright, beautiful and seamlessly smooth results.

8.  Permanent Markers 2.5 mm, Black (6 ct)

With these felt-tipped markers along with any one of the cutting machines, you can draw extra bold, thick lines all over vinyl, paper or on Smart Materials. Other than that, the designs created by these Cricut pens & markers can give birth to party posters, paper crafts & many more. Moreover, they are oil-based, nontoxic and become permanent after drying up.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Question: Which Cricut Pens are Best for Custom Projects?

Answer: If you recently entered the creative industry, you must be aware of some basic and essential pens. Those pens help the user make the project look much more classier. The names of the pens that help the users in making out the top class custom projects include:

  • Fine Point Marker/Metallic/Neon.
  • Ultra-Fine Marker.
  • Opaque Gel Pens.
  • Infusible Ink Pens.
  • Washable Fabric Pen.

Question: What are Important Tips for Cricut Pens & Markers?

Answer: Some of the basic yet important tips that every user must follow while using Cricut pens & markers are as follows:

  • Don’t leave the pen or marker without a cap, and put it in the correct place.
  • Don’t put too much pressure while using the accessory; otherwise, it may get a break, resulting in your project getting ruined.
  • Try to use the correct pen with a compatible cutting machine, and don’t insert a pen marker into the wrong adapter.

Question: What is the difference between Cricut Pens and Cricut Markers?

Answer: One common reason the Cricut pens and markers differ from each other is the tip size. Both sets are available in different colors and can be used interchangeably. Moreover, the pens have 0.4 mm fine points, and markers have 1 mm thicker tips. With the pen, the user can easily outline the thinner part of the projects; however, the board areas get covered with markers.

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Giovanni John
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