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When Should You Buy Fire Alarm Parts for Your Fire Alarm

Peter Roman
When Should You Buy Fire Alarm Parts for Your Fire Alarm

A fire alarm is considered indispensable in all kinds of residential and commercial buildings these days. The state and federal building regulations mandate that every building should have proper means in place to avoid fire accidents and also manage the fire quickly if a critical situation arises. To make sure that the fire alarm always works perfectly, you must buy fire alarm parts manufactured by leading brands, like NOTIFIER and Simplex.    


Getting appropriate parts for your fire alarm system like the control panel and sensors is vital to make sure that it is always working in proper condition. At no point in time should you ignore the telltale signs that something is wrong with your fire alarm. For instance, if your fire alarm is constantly making noises or giving false alerts, you should get it immediately checked out so that someday you do not ignore an actual sign of a fire outbreak.


Reasons for Changing Fire Alarm Parts

Ideally, you should change the fire alarm parts once every ten years so that they work seamlessly without any problems. However, you may experience technical issues with your fire alarm before or after that as well. Here are some signs that indicate that something is wrong with your fire alarms and you need to get some replacement parts right away.   


The Smoke Detectors are Turning Yellow

When you have been using a smoke detector for a considerable period, it is going to eventually turn yellow. Smoke detectors have bromine in them that works as a flame retardant. The bromine helps the smoke detector to work properly even though it has to operate in the vicinity of smoke and fire. When the smoke detector comes into contact with UV light, heat, and oxygen, it can turn yellow over time. If this is the case with your smoke detector, you should immediately get a new one.


Fire Alarm Failing Sensitivity Test

If you conduct a test to measure the effectiveness and sensitivity of the fire alarm and you find that it is highly sensitive or hardly shows any sensitivity, then you must upgrade the fire alarm as soon as possible. If the alarm is hypersensitive, it can lead to numerous false alarms over the day. Eventually, this can lead to a complacent attitude among people living on the property. On the other hand, if your fire alarm is not sufficiently sensitive, then it cannot detect the presence of an actual fire or smoke.


The Fire Alarm Makes a Chirping Noise Frequently

If you find that your property’s fire alarm is frequently making a chirping noise, then you probably have a problem with the batteries. Most standard models of fire alarms have long performance that can last for about 10 years, which means that you do not need to change them. However, if you find that your fire alarm chirps almost all the time, you should get some new batteries as this will help to resolve the problem easily.



Well-functioning fire alarms are critical for every property as they can prevent serious fire accidents. Getting good quality and compatible parts for your fire alarm can ensure robust protection at all times. If you are wondering where you can buy top-grade parts for your fire alarm, you should visit Fire Alarm Depot as you can get products made by some of the best brands in the industry.


The decision to buy fire alarm parts is a crucial one as it can affect your life in years to come. You should do thorough market research to find the best fire alarm parts that can provide you with a steady performance.

Peter Roman
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