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Wall-Mounted Wine Rack Design: Your Space-Saving Wine Storage Solution

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Wall-Mounted Wine Rack Design: Your Space-Saving Wine Storage Solution

Turning your wine collection dreams into reality does not have to cost you an entire basement or a living room. 

With the perfect wall-mounted wine racks, you can have a wine storage design that saves you money and space while protecting the bottles from unforeseen damage.

But how does a wall-mounted wine rack work? Is there anything specific you should consider before purchasing one?

Today’s post answers these exact questions to help you learn more about this space-saving wine storage solution.

So, keep reading!

Wall-Mounted Wine Storage Design: Why Should You Get One?

There are some excellent benefits of installing wall-mounted wine racks in your house. 

i) The most obvious reason to consider a wall-mounted wine rack is to save space. It utilises vertical space, turning walls into storage and saving your floor space.

ii) Designed with grooves, grips and contours, this wine storage design is sturdy and has all the necessary features to protect your fragile wine bottles.

iii) If you want to show off your wine collection or enjoy a sip or two frequently, wall-mounted racks are your best choice. They offer the best accessibility and visibility to the bottles.

iv) Racks allow you to store the bottles horizontally, preventing the corks from getting dry.

v) Wine racks offer you the chance to personalise it from top to bottom. From the material of the racks to colours, lights and glass, you can customise every part of it.

How Does The Wall-Mounted Wine Storage Design Work?

Wall-mounted wine storage design capitalises on upward space, combining security and style with crafted grooves and holds. 

To understand and purchase the best wall-mounted racks, you must comprehend the following factors.

Your walls have a role

i) If you have a drywall that feels hollow, you will need sturdy wall anchors to install the racks.

ii) If you have a plaster wall, installing a wall-mounted racking system can be a bit more demanding.

iii) Similarly, brick walls are hard to penetrate for racking system installation.

If your wall does not have the capability to support a wine-racking system, you can opt for freestanding or floor-to-ceiling racks. Also, keep weight distribution in mind when hanging the racks.

What will you need to install wall-mounted wine storage design racks?

If you want to install a wall-mounted wine rack, it’s best to call the professionals to avoid breakage and accidents.

However, if you have some handyman experience and are good with tools, here’s a list of equipment you will need to install the racking system.

i) Wall anchors,

ii) Stud finder,

iii) Screws,

iv) Chalk or pencil,

v) Hammer,

vi) Drill bits,

vii) Drill,

viii) Screwdriver,

ix) Measuring tape,

x) Safety gear.

Start the installation process.

i) Start your wine rack installation process by marking the studs. You can use a stud finder for this step.

ii) Next, evaluate where the wall-mounted wine storage design will look the most appropriate. Consider the weight and height of the bottles when measuring. 

iii) Align the rack with your marked spots, drill the points and secure them. Make sure you use appropriate anchors and screws for the type of wall you have.

iv) Check the stability of your wine rack after installing. If you feel it wobble, reevaluate the installation.

Choose the best wine racks for your wine storage design!

v) Start with analysing the size of your collection. Count all the bottles you want to store in the racking system.

vi) Distinct wines come in different bottles. For instance, Champagne bottles are usually thicker, and red wine bottles typically have a broader base. So, assess what type of bottles you have and determine the ideal dimensions for your racks.

vii) Also, decide what material you prefer for the racks. Wood, metal and acrylic are the most famous choices. However, each of these options has its pros and cons. Learn about these factors before making a purchase.

viii) Next, decide if you want any additional features in your wall-mounted wine storage solution, such as modular design, which allows you to expand the racks as you collect more and more drinks or integrated lighting options.

ix) Consider light exposure, accessibility and vibration when selecting the location of the racks.

Concluding Thoughts

An extensive wine storage design can take up a lot of space in a home. Wall-mounted wine racks are an excellent choice if you don’t want to utilise that space. Furthermore, these racks are considerably more affordable than traditional wine rooms. Plus, they require much less maintenance effort.

Author Bio- The Author is a wine rack manufacturer from Sydney, Australia. He specialises in building bespoke wine storage solutions and writing a variety of content for wine collections.

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